Stop Construction On WestConnex

It’s time for all construction work on this project to be suspended until the Government can prove that WestConnex provides NSW taxpayers with a better return on the billions being invested on it than potentially cheaper options such as public transport or demand management.

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Accelerating carbon reduction to cure climate

A City of Sydney delegation led by Lord Mayor Clover Moore participated in the sixth biennial C40 Mayors Summit in Mexico City from 30 November to 2 December 2016. C40 is one of the world’s leading climate change action groups, with a network of 86 member cities across the globe. C40 Executive Director Mark Watts presented new research in his report ‘Deadline 2020’ that highlighted the desperate and urgent need for action on climate change and the sheer scale of the challe...

Redfern Legal Centre: 40th Anniversary

Last night at Town Hall we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Redfern Legal Centre. Redfern Legal does incredible work in our area. Just last week their lawyers were in court applying for an injunction to stop the eviction of one of our elderl...

Australian First: Solar for Apartments

For all the talk on battery storage, a group of university students in Newtown has taken practical action -- and it could change the game for solar.

Anzac Day in the City

In 2007, an extraordinary group of men asked me for seating near Town Hall to watch the passing Anzac Day Parade, as many of their number were too weak to continue taking part in the march. They were the Under 16s – brave, young soldiers who were ...

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The city’s changed dramatically in the past decade, and it's changed because you told me you wanted a more livable, sustainable and economically viable city, and because you backed the Independent Team when it counted.

Clover Moore



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Maria Fernanda Cardoso shows us her , While I Live I Will Grow, "a 100 year performance" for

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