Stop Construction On WestConnex

It’s time for all construction work on this project to be suspended until the Government can prove that WestConnex provides NSW taxpayers with a better return on the billions being invested on it than potentially cheaper options such as public transport or demand management.

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Accelerating climate action: the City’s 2017/18 budget

I returned from a meeting of city leaders in Mexico City last year with a renewed sense of the scale and urgency of the climate challenge – we need to do twice as much in half the time and cities like Sydney need to lead the way. Council unanimously approved the 2017/18 City budget and put our money where our mouth is, including an additional $2.4 million per year over the next four years to fast-track our Environment Action Strategy. Over the next 12 months we will incr...

Disability inclusion plan

We are committed to an inclusive and accessible city for everyone, now and in the future – that commitment is embodied in “A City for All” our draft Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan.

New residents hop into Rosebery and Forest Lodge

Development of the inner city has resulted in a loss of habitat for native frogs, particularly the green and golden bell frog, which is one of our priority native species – but our plan to boost native animal numbers is beginning to increase frog ...

New Oxford St Creative Spaces

Sydney’s creative workers are a vital part of the city’s vibe and excitement – and also its economy – and we actively look for ways to foster them.

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The city’s changed dramatically in the past decade, and it's changed because you told me you wanted a more livable, sustainable and economically viable city, and because you backed the Independent Team when it counted.

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The Govt. is enjoying the stamp duty rewards – it's high time they start providing essential services, starting with public transport.

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