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Public transport is an unfolding crisis in Green Square


The existing transport network feeding the Green Square area — soon to be Australia’s most densely populated suburb — will not cope if nothing is done. We need a transport strategy to cater for the expected 80,000 residents and workers by 2030.

We have delivered on the tough housing targets set by the state government, and we are delivering high quality infrastructure and community facilities in Green Square - but we need the NSW Government to come to the table and provide the public transport system  our current and future residents require.

Green Square West has a heavy rail station, but most development is in the north and east parts of Green Square - a 20 minute walk from the station.

Residents rely on overcrowded buses that are not coping with current demand, let alone future demand. One bus stop in Waterloo is used by more than six hundred passengers each morning.

We are calling on the NSW Government to include a stop at Green Square East as part of the Sydney West Metro project to increase heavy rail capacity, investigate light rail or rapid bus for Green Square (consistent with its listing in Infrastructure Australia’s high priority initiatives for NSW) and investigate other options such as east-west bus routes.

Roads in Green Square are heavily congested in the morning and afternoon peaks and in key times on the weekend when they are mostly gridlocked. The threat of 120,000 extra cars in our city due to WestConnex will also affect inner-city renewal areas like Green Square. 

We have demonstrated the feasibility of light rail in Green Square and invested more than $40 million to purchase key properties on the Eastern Transit Corridor to pave the way for light rail. Despite Southern Sydney to CBD public transport nominated as a High Priority Initiative for Infrastructure Australia, the business case for this project is yet to be completed by the NSW Government. The NSW Government is not moving fast enough to provide adequate public transport for Green Square and we stand ready to work with them.

Green Square is a $13 billion, 278 hectare urban renewal area - one of Australia’s largest urban redevelopments. When fully complete in 2030, it will have more 60,000 residents and 22,000 jobs. Conservatively, it is estimated that over 200,000 trips a day will be generated.

The population of the Green Square area is booming - it is already 25,000 and on average 50 new apartments are completed each week.