Protect Moore Park

Will you sign?

Moore Park is the people’s park and we will fight to protect it 


For too long governments have treated Moore Park as a cash cow, a car park, or vacant land for development – it’s time they honour its original purpose as a park set aside for the use and benefit of Sydneysiders now and into the future.

Just look at the litany of failed and successful attempts to erode this great park:

  • Just last year, plans for a new football stadium on Kippax Lake were promoted by the SCG Trust and NRL, only to be rejected by the NSW Government after a public outcry. 
  • Before that was the $38 million Tibby Cotter bridge which takes up valuable parkland and is virtually un-used by pedestrians or cyclists. 
  • The year before, the Centennial and Moore Park Trust put forward a function centre on Mount Steele and thousands more car parking spaces under Moore Park west. 
  • And the NSW Government rushed a bill through parliament to allow construction of a 5-6 storey Australian Rugby Union Development Centre. 
  • The Trust replaced public sports facilities south of Lang Road with a new synthetic field that is fenced off from all but paying users, and a ‘viewing platform’ and amenities on Mount Steele.

These changes reduce essential public open space in the park.

Now we hear the Minister for Sport still hopes to get the stadium back off the ground, and the Trust wants to put commercial sporting facilities on this public land.

Moore Park is now under threat from the poorly designed light rail project:

  • The portal in Moore Park West includes an external substation – despite original plans locating it inside the portal – a hard stand area and other facilities. 
  • The number of trees removed along Anzac Parade is appalling and unnecessary yet more trees may be removed;
  • The stop opposite Sydney Boys and Girls High School is essentially a suburban train station that includes an unnecessary pedestrian bridge to the schools and a control centre.

All of these plans would be unthinkable for New York’s Central Park or London’s Hyde Park.

20 million people visit the Centennial and Moore Parklands annually, while just two million attend Allianz stadium and the SCG. The needs of the majority must be prioritised in the use and planning of Moore Park.

We should be improving and expanding open space not further eroding it – after all three out of every four people living in the City of Sydney live in an apartment – Moore Park is our city’s backyard.

The city communities will strongly oppose any proposal to further erode Moore Park, and we will continue to defend public parkland, as we have so often in the past.