Stop Construction On WestConnex

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Sydney deserves better - we urge the NSW Government to stop all construction on WestConnex


The government's own expert advisers are telling them public transport is a better investment than the cancerous mess of roads they're steamrolling across our city under the brand WestConnex.

They said it would cost $10 billion in 2012, then $16.8 billion in 2016, when in actual fact the true cost is more than four and a half times that amount – a staggering $45.3 billion.

That's why we've proposed another way forward,
 which you can read more about here.

As you can see above, our plan returns the project to its initial stated aim – connecting Western Sydney with the port and airport, not just dumping tens of thousands of cars into already congested inner city streets. It also saves billions, which would free up the money needed to bring forward crucial public transport projects (like the Western Sydney Metro).

Seemingly limitless billions of taxpayer funds are being funnelled into this road network with no questions asked and despite strong criticism of the project by the NSW Auditor General, Infrastructure Australia and the Federal Auditor General. This level of funding could mean NSW struggles to afford any significant transport projects for decades to come and all for a project that everyone knows won’t solve Sydney’s congestion.

It’s time for the government to hit pause and present the community with a visionary transport plan for Sydney that will solve problems, not create new ones.

The government claims this project is for the west, but an overwhelming 89 per cent of Western Sydney commuters travel into the city on overcrowded public transport. They need more frequent and reliable public transport, not expensive toll roads that will cost them hundreds of dollars to use – for the cost of this toll network we could have the Sydney West Metro and a cross-regional rail line from Liverpool through the new Badgerys Creek Airport to Parramatta.

Instead of looking after them, the NSW Government wants to saddle commuters with a multitude of expensive tolls, without delivering traffic time benefits of any significance for motorists, and without solving the very real handbrake to our city economy being caused by chronic traffic congestion.

Trees are being chopped down, people’s homes are being compulsorily acquired and construction is going ahead – but vast sections of this network of roads haven’t started or even been approved to start yet, which means there’s still time to avert the destruction and waste.

Time after time, right across this city, we've seen communities rally against the destruction and waste of the WestConnex toll road - and at a local level we've seen them win. By standing together we remain strong, by speaking together we are heard, and together we can demand change.