Stop WestConnex Stage 3

It’s time for all WestConnex Stage 3 to be suspended until the Government can prove it provides NSW taxpayers with a better return on the billions being invested on it than potentially cheaper options such as public transport or demand management.

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Responding to the NSW State Budget

Another budget, another missed opportunity to deliver critical infrastructure for our global city. The Government has gone on a spending spree at the expense of city residents and businesses – they’ve collected billions from the inner city but failed to use it to fund the critical infrastructure we so desperately need.We have the biggest urban redevelopment in the country occurring at Green Square. Once completed it will be home to an extra 60,000 new residents and 20,000 ...

Success at the NSW Architecture Awards

I’m delighted to report that two of our recently transformed buildings have been recognised at the prestigious NSW Architecture Awards.

Statement on Martin Place Barriers

This morning, Police Minister Troy Grant criticised the City in the press for installing safety barriers in Martin Place. It is truly disappointing the Police Minister has politicised such an important issue of public safety, and accused the City ...

Statement on the resignation of Councillor Phelps

Mid-way through this evening’s Council meeting – after we had discussed important items such as the new City campaign to fight WestConnex and our budget for the coming year – Councillor Kerryn Phelps resigned from our Independent team.

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The city’s changed dramatically in the past decade, and it's changed because you told me you wanted a more livable, sustainable and economically viable city, and because you backed the Independent Team when it counted.

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Nearly a third of all Australians are renting - if state &federal governments can act to protect renters it will have an impact on many people in our city. @HomelessnessNSW are asking us to stand up and demand better

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