10 Years of Sustainability Awarded

A decade of work to improve sustainability and tackle climate change at the City was recognised at the Premier's Green Globe Awards on Tuesday 26 July.

The Green Globe 10 Year Sustainability Award celebrates the City's ambitious sustainability targets for the local government area, and its strategic planning, strong leadership and staff engagement.

Our Sustainable Sydney 2030 plan aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70 per cent by 2030 (on 2006 levels), partly through a network of trigeneration systems producing low carbon electricity, initially through natural gas.

As the top environmental awards in NSW, the Green Globe Awards highlight people and organisations leading environmental innovation, efficiency and sustainability.

The presentation made special mention of several City policies and programs including:

  • Installing 74 kilowatts of solar panels and $12 million funding to install another 2 megawatts of solar panels on up to 40 Council buildings within five years;
  • Plans for a trigeneration network to provide electricity, heating and cooling to all Council properties; and
  • Our plans to replace 8500 of the City's street lights with energy efficient LED light fixtures.

As the most power hungry geographical area in the country, the City of Sydney is working hard to use less energy and water and produce less waste. I thank City staff and our communities for their contribution in helping make Sydney more sustainable.


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