2030 In Your Village

How will your street and neighbourhood look in 2030? It may seem like a long time away, but we need to plan ahead if we are to achieve our goals.

Last week we reported that the international Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development called the City a global leader -"through its Sustainable Sydney 2030 framework, the City has articulated a vision for a global, green and connected city".

Sustainable Sydney 2030 is the result of extensive consultations in 2007 to develop our long term plan to make Sydney environmentally, economically, socially and culturally sustainable. It follows our work in 2005/2006 to develop Local Action Plans (LAP) that honoured our City of Villages commitment. Most LAP projects are underway or complete, including new facilities, parks and street improvements.

We want to make our neighbourhood a place where the environment matters, the economy thrives, arts and culture and encourage and people feel at home. We have prepared plans for your discussion and comment. They reflect our work so far and capture what we already know about your neighbourhood.

You can see them at 2030inyourvillage.com.au and follow the prompts to have your say or send your feedback to City of Sydney Village Planning Team, Town Hall House, 456 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000.

Following your comment and feedback, we will prepare plans to discuss with you at a workshop in early 2012. After the workshops, we will develop proposals for Council's consideration and funding in future budgets.


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