50 Glebe Street Opening

(12.15pm, Franklyn Street Park, 50 Glebe Street, Glebe)

Thank you, and hello, everyone, welcome to the park and to this refurbished building.

When the City acquired this old butcher's shop we decided to refurbish it as a community space, to make it a kind of support space for people using the park. I know that for many of you, Franklyn Street park is popular for children's parties, playgroups and neighbourhood barbecues.

The refurb will make it even more useful. It's only a tiny space - no bigger than a kiosk, really. But it now has a kitchenette, an accessible bathroom, and a room for feeding babies or making a cup of tea.

We had to do quite a bit of work to make it a safe and usable space. The building, after all, dates from 1868, and it needed a new roof and a new floor before we could install the new kitchen and bathroom.

But the walls are still the original walls, though we have installed the bi-fold doors at the back to give it direct access to this small paved area and to the park itself.

You'll be able to arrange its hire through our venues team, and I'm sure it will be well used and a significant addition to this community.

So a big thank you to Cathy and everyone from the City who has worked to make this a reality.

Please enjoy, and please enjoy the barbecue our city staff are preparing, the face painting and the musician who's here to play for you.