8 Chifley by Mirvac

(7.30pm, Tuesday 29 October 2013, 8 Chifley Square)

I'd like to acknowledge Lord Richard Rogers and Ivan Harbour, and Ed Lippmann who've given us this striking new addition to our city landscape. They had a good client, of course!

It's testament to a great design, and a committed client, that the original concepts have been delivered in full, and a roll-call of high-profile tenants eagerly signed up.

The building's exciting form and vibrant colours complement Sydney's own vibrancy as well as our climate and culture with its generous outdoor spaces and airy offices.

Best of all, it actually adds to the City's public space with that enormous ground-floor atrium, six storeys high, giving winter shelter and summer shade to passers-by.


The plaza where we just enjoyed the entertainment returns hundreds of square metres back to the public, providing a new leisure and entertainment area in a densely populated part of the city.

8 Chifley is a fine vindication of the City's design excellence criteria and of the incentives that reward developers for delivering greater public amenity.

It also shows what can be achieved through a well-run competition.

The result here is a landmark building which will be enjoyed by its tenants and by passers-by. It really is an exciting addition to the City and one which will attract the young, mobile and innovative workforce of the 21st century.

I particularly applaud its outstanding credentials in sustainability. With a six-star green rating, it joins 1 Bligh St as one of the greenest buildings in Sydney and which together, set new benchmarks for future developments.

With 8 Chifley's LED lighting, black-water treatment, external shading and its own trigeneration plant, reduced car-parking, and 130 bays for bicycles and end-of-trip amenities, it points to the ways in which dense urban development can actually help create more sustainable cities.

It is, in all these ways, one of the most exciting developments to come on-line in Sydney in recent years. Once again, I congratulate everyone involved in bringing it to fruition. You've done the City proud!

Thank you.