A New Farm for the City

At Council's Environment Committee meeting yesterday, we unanimously approved the City's plan to build a community farm at Sydney Park. We will now start work on the farm's produce areas, orchard, composting and waste management facilities.

Many of our inner-city dwellers don't have a backyard to call their own and this open space will allow visitors to grow fruit and vegetables, volunteer to help others, take part in farmers' markets and, with hands-on lessons, help children learn where food comes from.

There will also be a kitchen for preparing and cooking the fresh, tasty produce grown and picked on site.

The City has been working closely with the community to develop the look and feel of the farm. When we ran a trial in Sydney Park in 2013 thousands of people took part. It was the same in March this year when over 200 people turned up at a City Farm open day. And we have 650 volunteers signed up to get involved in the next stage of the project.

Community consultation day.

City Farm community consultation day in March.

This support is widespread - the farm is endorsed by every City of Sydney Councillor, the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW and the University of Sydney's faculty of agriculture and environment.

We join the ranks of cities across the world including Melbourne, London and New York which have set up small farms in urban neighbourhoods because of the enjoyment and huge educational benefits they bring.

The farm will include:

  • A weekly farmers' market;
  • Up to 300 training and educational workshops a year;
  • 100 fruit trees and crops producing over three tonnes fresh fruit and vegetables a year; and
  • Animal husbandry programs with chickens, native bees and visiting farm animals.

Creating a farm in the heart of Sydney will provide a hands-on experience for visitors, businesses and local school children to learn all about food production and sustainable living in an urban environment.

The farm will be located in the south-west corner of Sydney Park, which receives plenty of sun, shelter, good drainage and access to the wetlands stormwater harvesting network.

Click here for more information: www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/community/participation/city-farm

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