A sensible business voting bill

It's easier for businesses in the City of Sydney to vote in local government elections than anywhere else in NSW. Businesses only need to operate for three months before they can enrol to vote (as opposed to three years in other local government areas).

I believe the process can be made easier without undermining the vote of residents.

Alex Greenwich, the Independent Member for Sydney, has introduced a Bill to improve business voting in the City. His Bill would make it easier for eligible businesses to have their say by creating a permanent registers for businesses that are entitled to vote in City of Sydney elections.

His Bill strips away the bureaucracy of business voting, makes it easier for businesses to vote, leaves businesses with the choice of deciding for themselves and protects the integrity of all votes in the community - residents and businesses - by making all votes equal. It is a sensible way forward.

I'm surprised the Government is supporting the Shooters Bill which undermines a key principle of our democracy - one vote, one value - at a time when most people are questioning the integrity of NSW election processes and the influence of vested interests.

Alex has urged the Baird Government not to rush the Shooters changes through Parliament, and instead asked for the Government to consult with businesses, residents, the City of Sydney and local representatives to ensure democracy in local government elections.

To view Alex Greenwich's bill in full click here.

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