A thriving city centre

Three huge projects will transform our city centre over the next few years.

With the NSW Government's decision to support light rail down George Street, we have an opportunity to create the main street our global city deserves. We have committed $180 million to create new public spaces, improve paving, install new lighting and plant trees along George Street and the laneways of the CBD.

See what the future of George Street looks like.

Light rail will take hundreds of buses and cars out of the city's congested streets. A trip between Central and Circular Quay will take less than 15 minutes, with services running every two minutes during peak hour. The area between Hunter Street and Bathurst Street will become a pedestrian and public transport boulevard, and private vehicles will still be able to access buildings for deliveries.

The City's extensive restoration of Sydney Town Hall will continue. After more than 120 years of weather, pollution and heavy use, the building's façade is in dire need of repair. The clock tower should be completed by November. Works to replace sandstone, lighting, wiring and roofing will continue until 2017.

While Barangaroo and Darling Harbour are NSW Government projects, the City will work to ensure plans take into account the need for integration with the city, and concerns raised by local residents and businesses will be addressed.

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