Action for Social Housing Tenants

I have raised with the new Government the need to do more to for Housing NSW tenants, including:

  • improving the Housing Contact Centre's response to requests for repairs and maintenance;
  • excluding the Commonwealth 2009 single pension update from rent calculations;
  • expanding the number of Anti-Social Behaviour Officers to help tenants with complex needs and address neighbour disputes;
  • continuing support for the Surry Hills Community Development Worker;
  • supporting renewal of the Northcott World Health Organisation Safe Community accreditation;
  • updating the Surry Hills safety audit and renumbering units in the Northcott estate;
  • providing a Woolloomooloo Community Development Worker to help address local concerns;
  • continuing funds for Tenant Participation Resource workers who train and mentor Precinct Representatives and Neighbourhood Advisory Boards;
  • implementing a volunteers policy, including insurance for Housing NSW neighbourhood advisory boards and tenant groups; and
  • updating Housing NSW procedures for managing bed bugs in Housing NSW properties.

The new Government does not have a specific Minister for Housing. Instead, two Ministers will be responsible for social housing.

The new Government's Ministerial arrangements state that the Minister for Finance and Services will be responsible for assets and the Minister for Family and Community Services will be responsible for tenancies and services. It is not yet clear how this split will work in practice, or how it will affect tenants.


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