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Housing Affordability in Sydney is at Crisis Point

Sydney’s housing affordability crisis is obvious to us all. It’s a social crisis that affects families and individuals across the city – and it threatens our future as Australia’s global city.

The City of Sydney has a target of 7.5% social housing in the local government area and a further 7.5% affordable housing – what we want is a 9,500 unit increase to the supply of affordable housing by 2030. Currently, affordable housing sits at just 1% in Sydney. 

To date we have supported 835 new dwellings and there’s an additional 1500 in the pipeline.

We use all mechanisms available to us to deliver these dwellings:

  • We use affordable housing levies where allowed by the NSW Government – Green Square and Ultimo/Pyrmont.
  • We amend our planning controls and reduce developer contributions in exchange for affordable housing.
  • We transfer our properties to affordable housing providers at discounted rates.
  • We have created a $10.3 millionAffordable and Diverse Housing Fund to support new projects and entrants.  

We have developed proposals to extend our affordable housing levies across the whole of the City – but the NSW Government is dragging their feet and won’t let us put these proposals on exhibition. 

Even if we set aside social justice and equality, all the evidence shows that liveable, workable and prosperous cities require sustainable and diverse housing opportunities.

But we know that essential workers like nurses, teachers, cleaners, bus drivers are being priced out of our city at a time when the population of our local government area will reach over 270,000 by 2031.

Sydney one of the worst ranked global cities in terms of housing affordability, with our rental affordability in 2012 ranked near the bottom of 27 international cities – even below London and New York!

Sign up and I’ll keep you informed about the state of affordable housing in Sydney – and what you can do to help us.