Airports Get a Noise Ombudsman

The new Aircraft Noise Ombudsman Ron Brent's role was established through the Federal Government's 2009 Aviation White Paper. The Ombudsman discussed his role at the last Sydney Airport Community forum, and he is responsible for looking at how Airservices Australia handles complaints, at how information is shared on aircraft noise and at consultation processes.

While he cannot stop noise, his February Review of Complaints Handling - Airservices Australia Report makes 18 recommendations on ways to shift Airservices Australia from being a body that provides information to one that actively investigates and resolves complaints. He reported a small number of complaints where action should have been taken to reduce noise and a number of complaints where better, clearer or more detailed explanations should have been given.

Although the Ombudsman acknowledged he had very limited opportunities to reduce noise impacts his role will ensure a better relationship between Airservices Australia and the community. If you are concerned about Airservices Australia's response to your noise complaint, I encourage you to contact him.

The only way to prevent noise impacts on the densely populated inner city without harming Sydney's long-term business and tourism needs for growing passenger capacity is to build a replacement airport outside the Sydney basin connected to central Sydney by fast-train.


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