Alex for Sydney

On Saturday 27 October there will be a by-election for the state seat of Sydney. I have endorsed Alex Greenwich - a local resident, business owner and deeply respected community activist - and he is standing as an Independent.

The Government worked with the Shooters and Fred Nile to force me out and are now throwing everything they have to try and win the seat which has been independent since 1988.

The Liberal and National Party coalition now holds 69 out of 93 seats in the Legislative Assembly. Sydney is too important to become number the Coalition's 70th seat.

We don't need another silent backbencher directed how to vote or to gloss over appalling decisions made by the Party such as the severe budget cuts to education or allowing hunting in our National Parks.

As an independent, Alex will not be held to ransom by vested interests or internal party politics.

As the Convenor of Australians for Marriage Equality, he's proven he can work with all levels of government and all types of political parties, earn their respect and negotiate policy.

I know from experience how hard it is to run campaigns alongside the major parties and their deep treasure chests.

Independents rely on the community for donations not vested interests. I will be speaking at a fundraiser for Alex on Tuesday 16 October at Café DOV in Potts Point. I hope you can join us.

You can learn more about Alex and his policies on his website

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