Alexandria Traffic & Parking Community Workshop

(12pm March 31 2012, Alexandria Town Hall)

Hello, everyone, and welcome to our meeting. I would like firstly to acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the traditional custodians of our land, and to pay my respects to the Elders. I also acknowledge the 200 nationalities who make up our city.

Parking - or the lack of it - remains an important issue for Alexandria residents. In response to your concerns, Australian Technology Park carried out a study in 2010 which recommended the introduction of timed permit parking in local streets, with an exemption for residents with a parking permit.

The ATP review also recommended "No Stopping" restrictions in narrow streets and intersections, and possible angle parking in some streets.

Following the study's release, and two public meetings, a number of residents expressed concerns about the review's findings. These were chiefly that the review was commission by ATP itself, and that it did not include parking options for the ATP site.

The ATP site was assessed as a Part 3A project by the former State Government. The City made a submission to the former State Government expressing our concerns about the impact on parking in local residential streets; however, our concerns were not incorporated into their parking design.

The City was not the consent authority, and we have no control over ATP's onsite parking arrangements, so towards the end of last year, Council resolved to discuss traffic and parking issues with residents and to allocate funding for an independent peer review of the ATP study.

In November, we sent a questionnaire to over 3,200 Alexandria residents, asking for feedback on traffic and parking problems and possible options for the area.

Our traffic staff have reviewed all your comments and suggestions and have now developed detailed parking proposals for each street.

What was clear from the feedback is that residents are divided on the best solution to the problem. The City's detailed proposals aim to balance the differing views of residents.

The purpose of this meeting is to present those proposals to you and to get your feedback. You will have a chance to ask staff questions and to hear from your neighbours.

Once we have detailed proposals that are supported by you, they will be considered by our Traffic Committee.

At the same time, the City has engaged the consultant AECOM [a-com] to carry out the peer review of ATP's study.

In addition to reviewing the study itself, AECOM will be consulting residents and other local stakeholders in order to develop options to alleviate the impacts of commuter parking. They will also look at the impacts of future developments.

The findings will be incorporated in a Draft Report, which will go on public exhibition for 28 days once it is finalised, and will help both Council and the community to work with the ATP for better outcomes in the future.

Thank you for coming here today, and now I'll hand you over to Jo Kelly, our Manager of Traffic Management, to give you a detailed update of the consultation so far and what the City proposes for your street.