An act of bastardry'… but you can fight back

Last night, in spite of overwhelming community and business opposition, the Liberal National Government joined the Elephant Shooters Party and the Christian Democrats to halve your say in City of Sydney local elections.

It's an outrageously undemocratic move to double the votes of big corporations and halve the votes of residents.

The Bill attacks small and medium businesses as well. They will be subject to more red tape including intrusive questions and new fines up to $2,200 if they don't answer them without a 'reasonable excuse'.

The Liberal National Government, vested interest and right wing media, want to get rid of independent, progressive, community-led government. They want the City back.

They've tried this kind of thing before. By moving boundaries and changing voting rules, they have tried to get their mates in power. But you can fight back.

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Fight to protect the progress we've made at the City of Sydney over the past 10 years.With a team of independent Councillors, I have delivered progressive, effective, corruption-free leadership. That is not a boast that the current state government can make.
Our campaigns have always been grass-roots, funded by members of our local community. In contrast ICAC has shown us how big parties are raising money and selling access to politicians.Premier Mike Baird has attacked one of the founding principles of our democracy - one vote one value - at the behest of vested interest groups and right wing media.

We will fight this. When they commit these bastard acts, it makes you want to fight harder.

Help fund the fight. Let's show the Liberal Nationals, the Shooters and the Christian Democrats that even when they try to rig elections and remove the community's power - they won't get away with it.

Our progressive agenda is too important to be handed over to conservatives who are taking orders from right wing media and vested interest.Fight to protect our environmental program, our bike lanes, our cultural and arts programs, our support for small and medium businesses, and our high standards for development and design.

Take a stand. Progressive government in our City is worth fighting for.

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