Animal Welfare Inquiry Needed

Around 60,000 healthy cats and dogs are destroyed annually in NSW, while cruel puppy farms and backyard breeders churn out new pets for sale.

Litters from undesexed pets end up in the streets and pounds, and people moving into apartments, retirement villages and rental properties are often forced to give up cherished pets.

In Parliament, I gave notice that I will move a motion to set up a committee of MPs to inquire into companion animal welfare and recommend law and policy reform.

An inquiry would give MPs the opportunity to hear from rescuers, shelter workers, animal protection groups and the pet industry to learn more about companion animal welfare.

When in Opposition, the Government proposed a companion animal welfare inquiry in response to my Animals (Regulation of Sale) Bill and I hope it will support my proposal when it comes up for debate.

Please lobby your local MP (if it is not me) or the Premier to vote for the Inquiry.


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