Another greedy attack on Moore Park

The latest revelation of plans to develop a new stadium in public parkland at Moore Park is nothing more than a greedy land grab.


UPDATE 08/05/2015: Earlier this week plans to build a third stadium at Moore Park were published in the Daily Telegraph.

Thanks to a swift reaction from the local community, the Centennial and Moore Park Trust, local MPs and others, the greedy and underhanded attempt to take over public parkland looks set to fail.


The $900 million-proposal to demolish and rebuild Allianz Stadium and build an additional stadium at the corner of Anzac Parade and Moore Park Road would destroy parkland and rob the local community of the essential sports playing fields they need to remain healthy and active.

At a time when parkland is more important than ever, this land grab would lock the community out of public open space.

Demand for parks and sporting facilities is growing as our population swells. By 2031 there could be enough demand for 28 additional sporting fields in our area to keep the community active.

What we desperately need is more space to play sport, not more places to watch sport.

By 2030, Green Square, which sits on the edge of Moore Park, will be home to 54,000 residents.

The overwhelming majority of them will be living in apartments and they will need to use Moore Park's open space and sports facilities.

Moore Park is managed by the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust, whose role is to protect and maintain public open space. In contrast, the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust's role is to promote commercial sporting events.

This is nothing more than another greedy land grab by the SCG Trust. Along with the $38 million-bridge over Anzac Parade, it reeks of 'empire building'.

There is a long history of the SCG Trust attempting to seize more park land. In 2006 part of Moore Park was rezoned by the Government after the SCG Trust decided it wanted to use the public land for commercial purposes.

Five years ago it was revealed the Government was considering transferring additional control of Moore Park to the SCG. Only a strong community campaign stopped Moore Park being used as a car park and promoted light rail as an alternative way for match-day crowds to get to the stadia.

The State Government has already made it clear that the focus should be on new stadia and sporting facilities for Western Sydney.

The Government's Metropolitan Strategy, released less than six months ago, clearly says the top priority for new sporting stadia should be Parramatta, Sydney Olympic Park and outer Western Sydney.

I urge the Government to think about the needs of the people of Sydney, not the private and corporate interests who want to take over Moore Park.

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