ANZAC Memorial Centenary Project Announcement

(10.40am, ANZAC Memorial, Hyde Park South)

Thank you, Rod [White].

I want to acknowlede the significance of today's event, commemorating the Battle of Fromelles, with its terrible loss of over 5,500 young Australian lives and the day on which the foundation stones of this Memorial.

In the years after that first world war, as people and government looked for ways to commemorate the tragic loss of life, the Institute of Architects urged that this site in Hyde Park be chosen.

The following year, in 1923, Parliament passed the Act appointing trustees and authorising erection of the Memorial on the recommended site here in our oldest park.

As the park's custodian, the City of Sydney takes great pride in maintaining its beauty and unique qualities for present and future generations.

We also take pride in our role as a trustee of this Memorial and have allocated $7.5 million for work on the park, including the Pool of Reflection and the Memorial surrounds.

In 2006, when we adopted our Hyde Park master plan, we included a recommendation that the original water cascade proposed in Bruce Dellitt's competition-winning scheme for the Memorial should be built.

It was to mirror the Pool on the northern side but the constraints of the Great Depression meant it had never been completed. So we are delighted that Dellitt's original vision for this extraordinary memorial will now be fulfilled, with additional education and community facilities.

This Anzac Centenary Project not only realises a vision from our past, it will continue to remind future generations of the contributions made by our servicemen and women.

Johnson Pilton Walker, in collaboration with the Government Architect's Office, have created a beautiful addition to one of Sydney's most significant monuments.

The City looks forward to its completion.