Argyle Street Works Drop-In Session

(12.30pm, Saturday 9 November 2013, Abraham Mott Hall)

Hello, everyone, welcome to this information session. When we spoke to you in preparation for our Harbour Village North Study, concerns were expressed about pedestrian links from The Rocks, through Millers Point to Barangaroo.

The proposals we're looking at today will address those concerns and make a number of improvements around this area.

These include improve safety for pedestrians at the intersection of Argyle and Lower Fort Street and Watson Road. The works will tie in with the Barangaroo Delivery Authority's footpath widening along Argyle Street west of Kent Street, and will reclaim the current bus lay-over in front of this hall for a new children's playground and a direct pedestrian footpath.

Of course it's vital to respect the heritage and urban character of this very important part of your neighbourhood.

We will maintain the heritage vistas along Argyle Street in both directions, and along Lower Fort Street. We'll also preserve views to landmarks such as the Garrison Church, the Bridge and the Palisade Hotel.

We're talking to the STA and Transport for NSW about the possibility of relocating the bus layover possibly to Hickson Road, at least as an interim measure and to use the turning circle land for a small park.

The draft design you'll see today preserves heritage items including the tram shelter, stone wall, and fence and kerb alignments.

The works recognise that Argyle Street is not only a vital link to the Barangaroo Headland Park but it's also an important village centre and meeting place for the residents of Millers Point.

And of course, it's an historic precinct that is greatly valued by the City, so we'll act with the greatest care in any works we do here.

Sarah Scott will take you through the proposals in more detail and we're keen to hear your comments and feedback.

Thank you again for coming today.