Art & About Launch 2014

(6.15pm, Friday 19 September 2014, Martin Place)

Thank you, Liesel [Badorrek, MC] and hello, everyone, welcome to the launch of Art & About for 2014.

Each spring we celebrate Sydney's imagination and creativity, bringing art into our streets and public spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Local and international artists contribute their thoughts, their wit and their unique spirit to the spaces we all share.

This year, the focus is on "the endangered" - things we have lost, or are in danger of losing - whether it's the once-ubiquitous milk bar, the postcard sent from holidays or the simple privilege of being out-of-reach, or uncontactable, rather than tethered at the end of a mobile phone.

Our 2014 artists have each given their own responses to all that is disappearing from our lives. Their work is thought-provoking, sometimes surprising, and sure to intrigue.

Creativity is fundamental to Sydney's identity, and we treasure our creative communities who enrich our experience of the city, and we foster an environment where everyone's ideas and imaginations can flourish.

Earlier this year, after wide consultation with residents, artists and others, we released our Creative City policy, which includes an expanded role for Art & About, throughout the year, as well as the September festival.

I want to thank all our artists and our cultural institutions for their support of the 2014 festival. And of course, warm thanks also to our festival sponsors - The Sydney Morning Herald, 2dayFM, The Star and World Square for making it possible.

And it's now my great pleasure to announce the winners of Little Sydney Lives:

3-7 years winner - Maia Robinson for Super Teddy

8-11 years winner - Bruno Dorabialski for Icarus

And I also am pleased to announce the winner of the 2014 Australian Life prize. The judges were very close on this, so we have decided to award a runner up and winner of this year's prize.

The Runner Up, with a prize of $2,000, is Jon Lewis for Farewelling Martin Sharp

The Winner of the $10,000 2014 Australian Life Prize is Georgina Pope for A Great Day for Drying.