Art for Paddington Reservoir Gardens

The first of three temporary art installations will be on show at Paddington Reservoir Gardens from tomorrow until Sunday 1 April 2012. The Reservoir Art project will provide opportunities for emerging and established artistic and creative groups to take advantage of the Gardens' unique space.

The first work, Modern Day Mossages pays 'living tribute' to John Thompson, founder of the Paddington Society, with the words and phrases of emerging Sydney poets installed onto the walls of the Gardens using locally sourced moss and mud.

It is created by Popper Box, a collective of Sydney artists with backgrounds in illustration, design, fine art, comics and software engineering.

Cascade, by Ruth McDermott and Ben Baxter will follow from Monday 25 June to Monday 6 August. The artists will create a 'cascade' using laser cut acrylic panels hung from the bridge crossing the underground gardens which will be visible from the Oxford Street gate.

The final work, Waterdrop, by Margo Hoekstra and Peter Bartlett will be installed from Monday 10 September until Sunday 21 October. The artists will develop a 2.5m tall 'water drop' shaped sculpture utilising coloured historic maps of Paddington.


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