Ask your state leaders to scrap the government’s plan for Waterloo

If the government gets its way, the Waterloo community will be decimated by a massive private overdevelopment on public land. Homes will be demolished, replaced by 6800 dwellings in towers up to 40 storeys high, tripling the density of the area.

That’s why the City has developed an alternate scheme, to show that the renewal of Waterloo can put the needs of the community first by reducing density, providing beautiful public spaces and a vital increase in social and affordable housing in the inner city.

How can I help?

Write separate letters to the Premier and to the Leader of the Opposition calling on them to publicly commit to scrapping the government’s plan, and handing back planning control to the City of Sydney who can meaningfully engage with the community to achieve a more acceptable outcome.

Not sure what to say?

Emails or letters don’t need to be long, and will be most effective if you use your own words to respectfully tell the Premier and Leader of the Opposition why you oppose the current scheme, and ask them to commit to scrapping it before the state election.

Contact Details:

The Hon. G. Berejiklian, MP.
GPO Box 5341 SYDNEY NSW 2001

Leader of the Opposition
Mr Michael Daley, MP.
Parliament House
Macquarie Street SYDNEY NSW 2000

You can draw on the information below about what’s wrong with the NSW Government proposal:

  • 2012 existing homes on the current Waterloo Estate will be demolished.
  • They will be replaced by 6800 dwellings in a cluster of towers, including approximately 41 towers between 8 and 40 storeys high, tripling the density of Waterloo.
  • These towers will overshadow parkland and public space, where grass and plants will struggle to grow.
  • Waterloo will become the highest density area in Australia, and set a dangerous precedent for similar overdevelopment around Greater Sydney.
  • This is a massive private overdevelopment on scarce inner city public land.
  • New South Wales is experiencing a housing affordability and homelessness crisis, but the Government’s proposal only provides 30 percent social housing, and 5 percent affordable housing, with no guarantee that the affordable housing will be secured in perpetuity or provide dedicated housing for the area’s Aboriginal community.
  • This massive overdevelopment will result in further traffic congestion in Waterloo, Redfern and surrounding areas.
  • Next door, the Waterloo Metro Quarter will add another 700 apartments in three towers up to 25, 27 and 29 storeys in height. Because the government is not consulting the community on these developments together, they are preventing residents from understanding the combined impacts of both proposals.

The City is proposing to consult with the community to provide:

  • Responsible density, with a total of up to 5300 homes and retaining and refurbishing the Matavai and Turanga towers. Most of the new buildings will be around eight storeys high, with 13 storey towers around the park and four storey buildings throughout the Estate.
  • Access to a community centre and many public spaces, including a 2.2 hectare park within walking distance that gets sunshine all year round.
  • 50 per cent social housing, 20 per cent affordable housing, and 30 per cent private housing, with dedicated affordable housing for the Aboriginal community.
  • Community facilities and gardens.

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