Backpackers Car Market extended

The Sydney Travellers Car Market in Kings Cross will continue to help backpackers sell their vehicles and keep them off local streets for another year.

After working closely with the local community, we have managed to dramatically reduce the numbers of cars being sold or dumped on Victoria street.

A review of the changes we've put in place has shown a 90 per cent drop in the number of backpacker vans on Victoria Street, and more than 500 vehicles have been bought and sold in the market's first year of trading.

My Parliament Bill to amend the Local Government Act banned the sale of cars and vans in this area and made it possible for City of Sydney Rangers to fine people selling their cars on the street.

Some of the backpackers were living in their vehicles and turning the street into a campsite by cooking on and crowding the footpath, creating extra litter, taking up limited inner city parking spaces and affecting local businesses and residential amenity.

The creation of the Travellers Car Market in a secure car park has given buyers and sellers an appropriate place to meet and trade. It provides a legal alternative, rather than just displacing the problem to other areas.

The Sydney Travellers Car Market provides electricity and shelter, and is open seven days a week between 9am and 4.30pm on level two of Kings Cross Car Park, Ward Avenue.

The market protects tourists by teaching them about the paperwork they need to buy, sell and register their vehicles before they head-off on their great Aussie road trip.

The City has also improved footpaths and gutters, and installed of rainwater gardens and planter boxes to improve Victoria Street.

We know that the warmer months are the busiest time for backpackers and tourists in our city - and we expect a rise in the number of people using the Car Market. During summer our Rangers will work to ensure all drivers are parking legally and backpackers are using the car market to sell their vehicles.


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