Barangaroo petition starts debate

I tabled a petition last week, signed by around 11,000 NSW citizens, that expressed concerns about the process, consultation, design and environmental impacts of the Barangaroo development. In response, there was a debate in Parliament on the Barangaroo project and Part 3A on Wednesday evening.

During the debate I asked the Government to reinstate State Environmental Planning Policy 55 to ensure adequate and transparent remediation of the severely contaminated Barangaroo site and the Government committed to this as well as an independent audit of the clean-up.

The Government also agreed to hold a review into the processes that have gone on to date at Barangaroo and are currently working out the Terms of Reference with those involved.

I support significant development on the site as long as it is tied to public transport improvements and quality design.

Barangaroo provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create new foreshore parks and walkways that integrate with the CBD and provide needed office accommodation, housing, shops and cultural venues.

It is Sydney's opportunity to lead the world in design excellence and in creating a sustainable, low carbon community.

I have let the Minister know the City of Sydney is happy to work with the new chairman as part of the review and will provide any material the inquiry needs, including making City resources available.


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