Barangaroo Plans Revealed

After years of deals being done behind closed doors, the public has now been allowed to see what the future of Barangaroo South will look like.

Modifications to the Master Plan for Barangaroo South are now being assessed by the NSW Department of Planning, and you can have your say.

These latest modifications seek to:

  • Relocate the hotel building, previously proposed to extend over the harbour, onto waterfront land and add an extra 42,000 sqm to the floor space to include apartments and a casino in the development;
  • Relocate the public park east of the hotel building and relocate the three approved residential towers;
  • Increase the heights of two of the three residential towers; and
  • Reduce the size of the southern cove.

Five hundred car parks are now also proposed for the hotel and casino, compared to the 156 spots that the original hotel proposal included.

There are indications that as many as 830 parking spaces could be included Barangaroo South's residential towers, well in excess of the City's parking rates that are designed to promote sustainable public transport use and investment.

Despite these extensive changes, the state government has not updated its transport plan for the area in more than three years. Lend Lease claims that these changes will only generate a 'minor' amount of extra traffic.

If Barangaroo is going to be successful, it is absolutely essential that public transport is the most effective and efficient form of transport. Narrow city streets in and out of the area will simply not cope with heavy traffic.

Profit and private interests are clearly being put ahead of public good. Barangaroo is public land owned by us all, but the Liberal/National Government is bending over backwards to install a casino, multi-million dollar apartments and parking that will only benefit developers.

Meanwhile, desperately needed social housing in Millers Point is being sold off and community members are being evicted.

Barangaroo has been a shocking breach of the public's trust by Premiers Barry O'Farrell and Mike Baird and the former Labor Government.

Click here to see the details of the lastest changes, and to have your say.

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