Beams Art Festival

(7pm, Friday 21 September 2013, NG Art Gallery)

Events like these bring community together, help establish identity, bond residents and workers, and contribute enormously to village life.

Tonight we are celebrating Chippendale's resident galleries; production houses; artists; architects and designers, not to mention the universities, and of course, the cafes, restaurants and eating houses. In a very short space of time, 13 or 14 galleries have opened here, which would astonish the old mechanics, tradesmen and factory workers of Chippendale.

I believe there are up to 350 creatives - from Chippendale and across the City - involved in the Festival, which is a partner with the City's own Art & About, held each September.

Through the generosity of Dr Stanley Qwek, chairman of Fraser's Property, the inaugural Chippendale New World Art Prize was awarded in April, the first in a 10-year endowment to Glebe local Bryden Williams for his multi-media work, Techno-Fire - a win that takes him to Beijing for a three-month, all-expenses-paid residency at the Red Gate Gallery - congratulations to Bryden and thank you to Dr Quek.

Have a fabulous night, everyone, and once again - congratulations to everyone at the Chippendale Creative Precinct.