Beams Festival 2014

(6.30pm, Wednesday 24 September 2014, Chippendale)

Thank you, Nicky, [Ginsberg] and hello, everyone. Welcome to the BEAMS Festival for 2014.

BEAMS is one-night of sound, colour and movement.

A multi-disciplinary arts festival involving the many creatives of this area including performances, art, hands-on workshops, and of course, great food and wine.

That it has made an impact in just three years which says a lot about the energies, vision and talents of Nicky Ginsberg and her partners in the Chippendale Creative Precinct.

With the tremendous support of Frasers Property and Sekisui House, the many local creative businesses, the wonderful residents, the universities and galleries like NG Art Gallery, Mop and White Rabbit, it is well on the way to realising the vision of Chippendale as an arts and creative precinct - a place for collaboration and creativity.

Festivals like this give us all the opportunity to discover and participate in the rich creative life of our City, and the City is proud to support them.

We want our city to be recognised for its distinctive local areas, its creativity and its sense of community.

Chippendale has a rich industrial past which has left of legacy of robust and powerful buildings now being re-used. And more importantly, it has a community which is as strong-minded, robust and diverse and BEAMS Festival is a terrific addition.

So congratulations once again to all those who make this such a fantastic one-night stand! Have a great night, everyone.