Bike Parking for Schools

The number of children riding bikes or walking to school has dropped from 80 per cent in the 1970s to just 20 per cent now - that's a huge drop.

On Monday, Council will consider $20,000 a year in grants for local public schools to install bike racks. This builds on our work creating a network of bike paths suitable for children and their parents.

The popularity of bike riding in the city has increased significantly in the last year and we are seeing more school children and their parents using our bike network to ride to and from school.

Bourke St Public School has even organised a "bike bus" - a team of students and parents riding to school together using the Bourke Street cycleway.

In August, I wrote to the State Government asking that they fund the installation of bike racks in Government schools. I was disappointed with their response that bike racks must be funded from a school's existing budget.

Our goal of encouraging children to ride bicycles is so important that the City will fill the gap left by the State government.

We know that young people who learn about sustainable transport when they're young, carry those lessons with them into adulthood. Riding to school also helps improve their self-confidence, energy levels and their ability to concentrate.

Cycling and walking to school gets cars off the road during the morning and afternoon peak, reducing traffic congestion and improving road safety around schools.

When a public school requests bike parking City staff will provide advice on location and facilities and recommend appropriate installation.

Each request will be assessed on its merits and when a request is successful, the City will provide the bike racks and work with the school to obtain the necessary approvals for installation. Schools will be responsible for the installation of the racks.

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