Bike safety installation vandalised

The pointless destruction of a bike safety installation in Prince Alfred Park is a serious act of vandalism.

The 30 metre installation, Cool It! Share It!, was installed a fortnight ago. It was shaped like a colour-coded keyboard, and emitted safety messages and musical sounds when ridden over and walked on.

Vandals smashed the sound installation bollards and ripped-up sections of the piano keyboards over the weekend.

Destroying this public safety artwork is like tearing up a zebra crossing - this fun footpath installation had a serious message, encouraging residents to share our roads and paths, on foot or bike.

It's very disappointing and I would appeal for anyone with information to report it to NSW Police. But this destructive act won't stop our program to encourage better behaviour, as the installation was fully insured. Cool It, Share It will be re-installed with anti-vandal measures.

The number of bike riders in Sydney is increasing faster than most comparable cities globally - independent bike counts show thousands of people using Sydney's growing bike network every day.

Our separated cycleways and shared paths offer a safe and practical transport option for people who want to ride, and help cut congestion for people who need to drive.

But with so many new riders, we need to make sure people understand how to behave on them in a safe and respectful way.

Cool It, Share It! is part of the City's StreetShare program to educate motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. The program also includes on-site education, the distribution of over 90,000 safety maps, training courses, social media and advertising.

If anyone has information about the vandalism, please contact police by calling Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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