Make Sydney bike friendly

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Let's improve Sydney's bike culture   

Riding a bike is a healthy, safe and convenient way to get around town - and every person on a bike means more seats on crowded buses and trains and more space on the roads for for people who need to drive. 

We have set an ambitious target to build a 200 kilometre network - including 55 kilometres of safe separated cycleways  - and we are focused on building and upgrading 10 priority regional routes. This is about encouraging people to ride, whether it's to work, school or just to get around and explore. 

People and businesses across Sydney are voting with their feet on their pedals, but we're still facing opposition from state government and sections of the media.

If you're committed to expanding the options for bike riders to get around, as well as reducing our impact on the environment and improving our community's health, sign up here and I'll keep you updated on what we need to do to make Sydney a bike friendly city.