Body cameras to protect City rangers

Our City Rangers face a shocking amount of verbal and physical abuse in the course of their work. 200 verbal and 67 physical assaults have occurred over the past five years.

Our rangers are mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters so we will not compromise on their safety. That's why we are trialling the use of on-person video cameras to record evidence and discourage aggressive behaviour toward them.

Recordings of events help with prosecutions, and we hope the introduction of cameras will give people pause before they mistreat City staff doing important work. We believe the use of cameras will take some of the danger and stress out of their job.

Rangers will be able to activate a continuous recording function when an aggressive confrontation looms.

They will advise the person or people in question that they are being filmed, and the footage will be retained for potential legal use.

A team of volunteers will trial cameras in the next few months ahead of a possible roll-out to the City's 160 rangers. The NSW Police Force has been using similar cameras and experienced improved behaviour among potential offenders.

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