Despite the longest election campaign ever, there has been little said on climate change.

That is a shocking omission.

Climate change is the single greatest challenge we face and it’s starting to bite – the monster storm along the East Coast, the shocking new evidence of bleaching coral on the Great Barrier Reef, the fact that for 13 months straight we’ve set new global temperature records every month.

At the City, we're doing everything we can to slow this dangerous warming and have again raised the bar with ambitious new targets. Our new plan, Environment Action 2016 – 2021 (which we adopted at Council this week_ charts a course for the next five years that will see us use 50% renewables by 2030 and have net zero emissions by 2050.

Across our area, we’ve worked with businesses and the community to slash emissions (19%) without compromising our booming economy (37% growth), meeting the targets we set in Sustainable Sydney 2030. We have been carbon neutral since 2007 – the first Australian government to do so. 

Some of the key initiatives of Environment Action 2016 – 2021 include:

  • An energy retrofit program for apartment buildings (important because 75 per cent of our residents living in apartments);
  • $10 million to accelerate the uptake of renewable energy across the LGA;
  • A trial of battery storage for solar energy at one of our depots;
  • A competition to encourage Sydney’s first net zero emissions buildings;
  • Completing our cycling network and connecting it with 10 regional cycling routes;
  • Facilitating a private water utility to deliver recycled water to the wider Green Square area (278 hectares);
  • A new waste strategy to achieve 70 per cent recycling and recovery of residential, commercial and industrial waste in our LGA;
  • Planting 600 new street trees and 1300 new trees and shrubs in City parks each year until 2021; and
  • A Heatwave Response Plan to deal with our largest natural killer, heat, with our climate continuing to warm.

Read Environment Action 2016 – 2021 online and offer your feedback here:

Together we can ensure that Sydney has a sustainable and prosperous future.

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