Building a More Resilient City

Today, in a Sydney first, experts and representatives from almost all of Sydney's 41 councils have come together to develop a long-term plan to help build a resilience plan for our city. The plan will look for ways to better cope with extreme events like April's torrential storms, as well as long term stresses such as housing affordability and other threats, such as terrorism.

We have never had General Managers and other senior representatives from all Sydney councils come together before which makes today's workshop event especially significant. We showed in the storms earlier this year how we could help each other, sharing trucks and resources and we would like to continue that cooperation to prepare for future significant events.

Today's workshop will set objectives for Sydney's participation as one of the Rockefeller Foundation's 100 Resilient Cities. Resilient City 9The 100 Resilient Cities Challenge was launched in 2013 as a $100 million commitment to build urban resilience by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Through the 100 Resilient Cities initiative, Sydney has received support to recruit a Chief Resilience Officer to lead development of a Sydney Resilience Strategy.

As part of our application to join the initiative, we identified a number of challenges that Sydney faced in becoming a more resilient city - heatwaves, infrastructure failure, flooding and terrorism. We also identified a number of stresses - aging infrastructure, inefficient public transport, unaffordable housing and homelessness.

But these are not set in stone and at today's workshop we will discuss the critical issues for Sydney and how we can tackle them together. Today's workshop will guide the Resilience Officer's work.

Councils across Greater Sydney have communities, knowledge and issues that are unique to their local areas. By sharing information about key threats we may face and tools we have for addressing those threats we can take a practical and cooperative approach. This is also an opportunity for an open and constructive discussion about the stresses that cities will face.

We are stronger together for local action on critical issues such as housing affordability, terrorism and extreme weather events. Today we will be sharing information, expertise and insights in an important conversation to shape Sydney's resilience for our children and grandchildren.

Read more about our participation in the 100 Resilient Cities program here:

Pictured: (L-R) Chris Derksema (City of Sydney Director of Sustainability), Elizabeth Yee (Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Solutions, 100 Resilient Cities), Lord Mayor Clover Moore and Nicola Thomson (Regional Manager, 100 Resilient Cities).

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