Bunny Thoughts at Easter

With rabbit images everywhere in the lead up to Easter, animal protection groups are reminding us of the sad plight of many rabbits and other animals.

While it is illegal to test cosmetics on animals in Australia, many products test overseas before legally selling them here. Cruel procedures for many popular brands include restraining rabbits for days as painful chemicals are dropped in to their eyes. Animal testing for cosmetics is unnecessary with many cruelty free products available. The European Union has introduced legislation to ban the sale of all cosmetics tested on animals by 2013, regardless where the product was made and Animals Australia is calling on the Government to follow this lead.

Consumers don't want to support animal testing but are confused by inadequate labelling requirements. In the last Parliament I raised concerns that some products claim not to be tested on animals when their ingredients were.

Live rabbits are often bought as gifts during Easter without consideration that they are a 10 year commitment and many end up abandoned or left alone in cages. Doggie Rescue, which has many homeless bunnies waiting for adoption, reports that up to 95 per cent of rabbits bought at Easter time do not live to see their first birthday, and has joined with Bunny Business to call on people to buy stuffed toys instead of real animals this Easter. I will continue to work to prevent impulse buying of pets this Parliament after the last Parliament opposed my Animals (Regulation of Sale) Bill.


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