Business can vote in the City

Businesses in the City of Sydney already have the right to vote in local government elections. Everyone who pays rates to the City, either directly or indirectly through their rent, is entitled to enrol and vote. This includes business owners.

If the business is a corporation or partnership, it can nominate someone to enrol and vote on their behalf. In the City of Sydney it is much easier for businesses to enrol. They can do so after operating for only three months, while in the rest of NSW they must be operating for three years before enrolling.

The Shooters and Fishers Party has announced they want to change how people vote - but only in the City of Sydney!

While the Shooters Party are putting forward the legislation, it would implement plans that the Government has been developing. The Liberals want compulsory business voting because they think it will help them take control of our city.

The idea for this Bill came from a Parliamentary Committee dominated by Liberal, National and Shooters Party MPs which was set up to look at the last local government election in all of NSW.

The Committee recommended that Sydney should copy the Melbourne model of business voting, but it is clear from the report the Committee does not understand how the Melbourne model works. It has not properly considered the impact of this model on the City of Sydney.

The Shooters Bill could mean that people who have never visited or lived in Australia will be able to vote in City of Sydney elections. It could result in roll-stacking and voter harvesting.

These changes go even further than the dodgy rules that operated before 1995, rules which led the NSW Crown Solicitor to warn it would be 'unsafe to hold an election for the City of Sydney' because of serious inaccuracies, fraud and corruption in the existing roll.

Liberal Party-aligned vested interest groups are already out spruiking support for the Shooters and Fishers Party's Bill.

Can you let the Government know what you think about the Shooters and Fishers plan to change voting in the City of Sydney. Email Premier Mike Baird by clicking on this link:

Shooters MP Robert Borsak says 'there is no leadership coming out of Town Hall'.

The Independent Team has delivered progressive leadership at the City, with 10 years of surplus and debt-free budgets and a local economy contributing 25 per cent of NSW GDP.

Forty per cent of all new jobs in NSW in the past five years have been created in the City. We have a $1.9 billion plan to invest in infrastructure over the coming decade and we have some of the lowest rates in NSW and free rates for pensioners.

While I have been Lord Mayor I have seen numerous Ministers brought before ICAC and six Premiers come and go.

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