Business & Economy

Sydney is at the heart of the Australian economy. Economic activity within our local government area comprises 25 per cent of NSW's GDP and one-twelfth of Australia's GDP - about $100 billion a year, up there with the mining sector in terms of economic importance to our nation.

Every week day around one million people, equivalent to a quarter of the Sydney metropolitan population, travel to the City of Sydney for work, study, shopping, dining and tourism.

Our latest research shows that over the past five years more than 50,000 new jobs have been created within the City of Sydney. We've also seen 2,000 new businesses open since 2007. The results show that the massive growth in jobs and businesses is not just focused in the city centre. In fact, some of the biggest growth has been in villages.

Our economy is centred around the activities of people. It leads the way in real long-term job-creation and the potential for a sustainable future.

The City supports businesses through and innovative program of grants, seminars and workshops.

Over the next two decades, the share of world economic activity in the Asia Pacific region will grow from 30 to almost 50 per cent. Our region and time-zone are emerging as the centre of global economics, and we are poised to make the most of this opportunity.

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