Business Seminar 101: Small Business

(6.30pm, Barnet Long Room, Customs House)

Thank you, Jo [Kelly, MC]. Good evening, everyone and welcome to our small business seminar.

I'd also like to welcome our guest presenters and thank them for sharing their expertise and knowledge:

  • Michael Rantissi, who owns and operates the phenomenally successful Kepos Street Kitchen
  • Luke Heard, principal at Lawler and Centara Capital
  • Lisa Penson from the Office of the Small Business Commissioner
  • Adrian McKeown, a City of Sydney planner
  • Jonathan Boys, from our Sustainability Programs Office and
  • Richard Roberts, the City's fine-grain business specialist

You'll be hearing from some of the best. And tonight they'll introduce you to some of the tools that will help get your business off to the right start in Sydney.

You will learn about the City's business programs; about how to navigate development and planning approvals; how to pick the best location and what the NSW Government can do for small businesses.

Our speakers will give you some of their best tips, and are prepared to answer your questions.

Small business is a vital part of the City. It provides important services - often ones that can't be replicated in the on-line world - and it also provides employment and makes Sydney a more diverse and interesting place for residents, workers and visitors.

According to our most recent figures, there are more than 18,000 small businesses in the city. Between them, they employ over 100,000 people. Small business accounts for over 85 per cent of all enterprises in our local government area, and employs close to 25 per cent of the City's workforce.

So it's an incredibly important part of our city - for the significant economic contribution it makes, and for the diversity and vibrancy it brings and its continuing growth is thanks to entrepreneurs and innovators like you.

The City will continue to support our small business leaders through these seminars and through other initiatives like our Small Bars program and the Sydney Food Trucks program.

I am sure tonight's seminar will leave you fired up with enthusiasm and also equipped with practical advice and information to get your businesses under way, and see you, too, as part of the mix.

I wish you all every success and perhaps we'll see some of you back here as mentors in the future!