Buskers to perform in Hyde Park

Buskers will be able to perform in Hyde Park after the Council adopted a new Interim Busking Policy.

The new busking site, in Hyde Park north near the intersection of Elizabeth and Market Streets, will be trialled for 12 months. It is in a paved area that is large enough to cater for acts which attract large audiences.

The new site is one of several changes proposed in the interim policy, which will be placed on public exhibition in April 2012. The changes will be trialled during the exhibition period.

Other changes to the policy include:

  • Placing restrictions on two busking areas to address pedestrian traffic and amenity issues - the Bay Street entrance to Broadway Shopping Centre and the Queen Victoria Building forecourt
  • Accepting buskers' accreditation by the Australian Circus and Physical Theatre Association to make it easier for buskers, particularly from overseas and interstate, to obtain busking permits
  • Excluding animals from all busking acts but still allowing people with an assistance animal to perform, providing the animal is not part of the act.

The Interim Policy was considered by the City's Busking Review Committee which includes busker representatives, City staff, retailers from Pitt Street Mall and the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance.


  • More information on the City of Sydney, click HERE.

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