C40 supporting city action on climate change

The C40 Large Cities Climate Leadership Group is made up of the world's largest cities that are committed to working together to tackle climate change.

Sydney has been a member since 2007 when the mayors of London and New York invited the City of Sydney to join.

I have been invited to attend the next C40 Mayors Conference in Johannesburg in February.

Past C40 conferences have helped us create new programs at the City of Sydney to save money and reduce emissions, including replacing conventional street lighting with LED's and the retrofitting of existing buildings to reduce energy use.

After attending a C40 Conference and learning about their benefits, the City became the first Council in Australia to introduce LED lights saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs. The trial was so successful they are now being rolled out state-wide. In time, this technology will save the City an estimated $800,000 and importantly reduce emissions by 51%.

If possible, during the same trip I will also visit leading climate change projects in southern Africa that are directly relevant to Sydney. By sharing knowledge and adopting good ideas from other cities we stand a better chance of effectively reducing our emissions.

With the latest IPCC report finding a 95 per cent probability that humans are responsible for global warming, the need has never been greater for urgent united action by cities to slash their carbon emissions. Cities use over two thirds of the world's energy and emit more than 70 per cent of carbon dioxide emissions putting them at the forefront of the battle against climate change.

Sydney is the global city of Australia and should be represented at a global city conference about the most important issue facing our planet.

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