Campaign donations disclosure

"I believe that you shouldn't need to be independently wealthy or a member of a political party to put yourself forward for public office to represent your community."

Clover Moore

Campaign donations allow people to participate in the democratic process, but can also undermine public confidence. Some donors use their money to exert improper influence on decision-makers.

Through eleven elections, Clover has acted with integrity and avoided conflicts of interest. She complies with campaign donations law, advocates for high standards, and goes beyond the law where it helps provide greater confidence in the political process.

The Clover Moore Independent Team does not accept donations that could compromise our independence.

To achieve this, the Independent Team will:

  • Refuse donations that are offered with conditions or with potential to create a conflict of interest.
  • Return any donation that is subsequently confirmed to create a conflict of interest (there is no mechanism in the law to return donations).
  • Limit maximum donations to $5000 per person per year (there is no legal cap for local government elections).
  • Provide a summary disclosure prior to an election of donations, including a list of reportable donations (the legal requirement is a report on the financial year, lodged by 22 September).
  • Accept donations only to a single Clover Moore Independent Team account (not channel donations through multiple party candidates, branches or head offices to disguise sources).

The election funding system is increasingly onerous system and biased towards candidates with political parties organisations. The Independent team relies on volunteers for its fundraising and has no local branches or head office.

The Independent Team releases personal information about donors only in line with requirements of electoral funding and privacy legislation.

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