Celebrating Lives Saved Over 10 Years

This evening, I will join staff and supporters Kings Cross Medically Supervised Injecting Centre mark its10th anniversary saving lives, helping people deal with drug problems and taking injecting off the streets. Moving the motion at the 1999 NSW Drug Summit, which led to the Centre being set up, and seeing it finally open in 2001 after a long tough battle, was rewarding.

Passionate and committed staff help vulnerable people deal with difficult drug problems. Anyone who has tried to stop smoking knows how hard it is to tackle an addiction.

This 10-year milestone comes after repeated independent evaluations have shown that the Centre:

  • saves lives by preventing or catching overdoses early;
  • removing street drug injecting and associated syringes and equipment;
  • cutting the need for ambulance overdose callouts and costly emergency department treatment; and
  • linking drug users into health and drug treatments.

Residents and businesses in the area report that the Centre has contributed to a safer precinct. The economic analysis has shown it is also cost effective.

Most importantly, the Centre is a practical and compassionate solution to one of our biggest social challenges. I hope that the new Government will assess its positive outcomes, and continue its vital work.


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