Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust Funding

Parliament House Sydney, 13 September 2012
My question is directed to the Minister for the Environment.

Mr Chris Hartcher: Last question.

Ms CLOVER MOORE: Indeed, it is my last question in this House, and it is in relation to an issue that I have raised many times since becoming the Member for Bligh and the Member for Sydney. Given the Centennial parklands serve densely populated communities where people have little or no private open space and also will provide for the 40,000 residents of Green Square, will the Minister commit to long-term recurrent funding to the operating budget of the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust so that commercialisation, events and parking will not further alienate the parklands?

Ms ROBYN PARKER: I would have thought that the Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney would understand that Centennial and Moore parks provide the open space that is required by residents of densely populated areas such as Green Square. They use these parks as their playground because there is not sufficient open space in their residential areas.

The SPEAKER: Order! The House will come to order.

Ms ROBYN PARKER: Perhaps the City of Sydney could contribute more funding. The Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust contributes close to 95 per cent of the budget. I am not sure of the exact figure. The trust sustains its operations, such as maintenance of the parks, through commercial enterprises. I am impressed with the trust's operations at Centennial and Moore parks. I would pleased if the City of Sydney contributed more towards the parks so that we can make more improvements to the green space for the benefit of those who live in Green Square, Waterloo and other areas surrounding Centennial Park and Moore Park. I will be delighted to work with the member in her continuing role as the Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney. I thank her for her question.