We’re one of the few local governments in Australia to prioritise and meet this important need and by the end of 2016, we’ll own 25 centres making us one of the biggest childcare providers in the state.

How to vote to keep Sydney independent

If you’re looking for tips on how to vote this City of Sydney election, here's our How to Vote flyer – if you're pre-polling before election, check it out before you complete your ballot!

Click here to download a PDF of the How to Vote.

You can see a full list of voting locations here.  

We've done the research 

We know there is a desperate need for Sydney child care in our city - a study by the City of Sydney in 2013 found a shortfall of 3,100 childcare places in our area - that’s why we’re using every lever available to increase supply. Our policies have been successful in encouraging private sector supply, which is sufficient to meet the gap. 

We’ve made childcare a priority in our planning system, negotiated with developers to encourage them to build their own and constructed our own centres. All that work has led to eight new centres coming soon, including four this year - which means we’ll meet the current demand for new spaces.

Great new playgrounds and parks

For many people our parks and playgrounds are their only backyard. Since 2004, we’ve upgraded over 80 small parks and created or upgraded 48 playgrounds including the stunning Pirrama Park in Pyrmont, a children’s bike track and all abilities playground in Sydney Park and popular Redfern Park.

We prioritise open space and fight to ensure the State Government and developers also protect it.

Your vote is important

The Clover Moore Independent Team understands how important it is for parents to have access to quality childcare. And we believe children need access to beautifully designed parks and playgrounds to fuel their imagination and to allow them space to roam and play.

It’s important that the Clover Moore Independent Team be returned on September 10 so we can continue delivering the childcare centres, playgrounds and parks our city’s growing population needs.

For over 12 years, we’ve led ethical, competent and corruption-free governments. On September 10, support proven, financial strong and stable governance

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