Chinatown Laneways Media Launch

(Little Hay & Dixon Streets)

Good morning, welcome to our Chinatown Laneways Media Launch.

As you can see, we have now started work to transform these laneways in the heart of Chinatown into lively spaces for business and pedestrians.

Chinatown is our most vibrant urban village and it plays a very significant role in Sydney's global city status.

The area attracts 1.1 million domestic visitors each year, and 1.4 million international visitors. The number of visitors from China has more than doubled since 2004.

Chinese New Year continues to enjoy spectacular growth, and the Twilight Parade attracts ever-increasing crowds.

But is has been a long time since a real effort and focus has gone into Chinatown itself. We carried out a Public Domain Study and consulted widely with business and residents to look at the best ways to revive the area and to create a long-term plan to support Chinatown's growth and bolster its ability to house the broader Asian community.

Our planned improvements will include public art and heritage interpretation, better pedestrian links, better settings for local icons.

We want to preserve and enhance the street character, improve seating, lighting and street plantings, and especially to provide better amenity for pedestrians.

To begin, we developed improvement plans for Little Hay Street here, and for Factory Street and Kimber Lane.

The project was delayed by infrastructure works being carried out by Energy Australia but as you can see, we've now been able to begin.

Little Hay Street will be a more appealing place for pedestrians, with wider footpaths, new trees and new lighting to complement the existing light boxes, new paving and street furniture.

In Factory Street, we'll be creating a shared space for pedestrians and cars, again with new trees, decorative light boxes, custom-design furniture and - importantly - a lower speed limit.

Kimber Lane will also become a shared space for pedestrians and cars, with a lower speed limit. We'll be installing a new artwork, Beyond Two Worlds, created by Jason Wing. This will combine vibrant graphic art on the pavement and walls with suspended catenary lighting.

As Chinatown is a busy commercial precinct, access to garages and loading bays will be retained across all the laneways.

Revitalising our streets and laneways is at the heart of our Sustainable Sydney 2030 program and we're delighted to see these improvements coming to this busy area. I'm sure Chinatown businesses, residents and visitors will also be delighted.

Thank you.