Chinese New Year Parade

A contingent of 250 people from Hubei province in central China will be a highlight of the annual Chinese New Year Twilight Parade on Sunday 6 February.

The Hubei contingent will present Wudang displays, a famous form of martial arts from the province; an intricate Tujia Waving Hand Dance, performed in brilliantly coloured costumes; and an illuminated Yellow Crane Tower, modelled on one of China's most ancient towers and a Hubei landmark.

The Parade will also feature hip hop artists, flamboyant dragons, marching bands, and floats from community and school groups. To mark the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit, there will be images of the rabbit in popular culture and a pack of rabbit magicians producing surprises from their hats.

The Parade begins at Sydney Town Hall at 7.45pm and continues to Darling Harbour. A fireworks display at Cockle Bay will herald the end of the Parade, welcoming the Year of the Rabbit.


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