The centre of Sydney is buzzing now. As Lord Mayor since 2004, I’ve led a team of Independent local residents and business people who’ve worked hard to make it a great place to live, work and play.

How to vote to keep Sydney independent

If you’re looking for tips on how to vote this City of Sydney election, here's our How to Vote flyer – if you're pre-polling before election, check it out before you complete your ballot!

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Bustling laneways

We’ve brought life back to Sydney’s laneways, turning them into interesting spaces with shops, bars and restaurants, new paving and iconic public art such as the Forgotten Songs bird cages in Angel Place.

We led the small bar revolution, advocating for new legislation and providing grants for bars to get started. There are now 120 small bars in our area, many of them in the city centre and tucked away down laneways.

We have a masterplan for Martin Place to make it a livelier space after hours with outdoor dining, and we will be working with the NSW Government to create a ‘cultural ribbon’ – a walk around the harbour foreshore to link up Circular Quay, Lady Macquarie’s chair and our major art institutions.

We have invested $220 million as part of the light rail project to make George Street work and look better, introduce wider footpaths, new street furniture and more trees and open space.  

Chinatown and the south of the City, where we have spent $20 million upgrading footpaths, planting new trees, creating public art and pedestrianising Thomas Street, is busy with people and activity every night of the week. And we fund the biggest Chinese New Year’s Eve festival outside Asia.

Delivering community facilities and infrastructure

Our approach is to negotiate with developers for new infrastructure for the community such as childcare centres, libraries and creative spaces.

At the new Greenland Development on the corner of Pitt and Bathurst Street, we negotiated a state-of-the-art creative hub with five floors of rehearsal space for the community and creatives.  

At Circular Quay, we negotiated three floors of space for tech start-ups struggling to find affordable space in the CBD.

Families are now moving into the city centre, which is terrific, and we have negotiated childcare centres at Haymarket and also as part of the George Street development.

Across our area, over 1000 childcare places have been created and there are over 2000 more places in the pipeline.

Booming economy

Our city economy is booming. Since I was elected Lord Mayor, it’s grown 80 per cent or $50 billion.

We have released plans for new planning controls for the city centre.  After three years of block-by-block analysis, we’ve identified the areas where additional height can be allowed to create space for future economic growth without impacting on parks and public spaces. In fact, we’ve extended the protections to ensure the sun still shines through in public spaces where people gather.

We’ve done all this whilst keeping residential rates amongst the lowest in NSW and given free rates to pensioners.

Your vote is important

Elections for the City of Sydney Council will be held this Saturday 10 September 2016 and I am running again to keep our City independent, community led and progressive.

At Barangaroo we’ve seen what the Liberal Party does when they control development.  Developers have been allowed to use public land for a casino and apartments without providing infrastructure. Eight times they have rubber-stamped proposals from developers to increase building footprints crowding out public spaces.

There’s so much at stake for our City. Make sure you support proven, progressive and stable governance and vote 1 for the Clover Moore Independent Team.

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