City Childcare Centre in East Sydney

Childcare in the inner city is desperately needed, as many families with young children are acutely aware. On Monday evening, Councillors will consider a proposal to meet this growing demand by creating an additional 33 childcare places at a facility we recently purchased in Bourke Street Darlinghurst.

The report recommends Councillors grant owners consent, so a Development Application can be lodged for the refurbishment of 277 Bourke Street as a childcare centre.

The report also recommends the temporary closure and lease of a section of Berwick Lane, which runs behind the building, to enable a continuous landscaped and fenced outdoor playground for the centre.

The laneway will provide a much needed link between an existing childcare centre at 222 Palmer Street and the proposed new centre, allowing young children to safely move between indoor and outdoor areas. The laneway is primarily used as a pedestrian thoroughfare and no parking spaces will be lost and pedestrians can still access Bourke Street via nearby Palmer Street or Liverpool Street.

Staff have recently doorknocked and letter box dropped the community to discuss the project and if approved, the city expects the new facility to open in January 2013.


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